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Are you looking to gain a competitive edge in the
Executive & Wellbeing Coaching industry?

Become a TransMind Accredited Coach

Imagine being able to map our your clients’ life strategy, their areas of strength, their blockages, and why they are wired a certain way.

With TransMind, you can.

Our Organic ScoreCard Accreditation Course is designed to propel you ahead of your competitors using TransMind’s revolutionary and scientifically validated behaviour, life strategy and awareness assessment.

With our comprehensive training program, you'll learn how to evaluate the individuals and their organisations using the unique and highly trusted Organic ScoreCard methodology. You’ll be guided through the process step-by-step, empowering you with the knowledge and skills you need to interpret the Organic ScoreCard to go on and make informed decisions about your clients, driving you, and them, to greater success.

Normally priced at £395, we are thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to embark on this journey for just £95. Just fill out your name and email address and we’ll send you an Organic ScoreCard.  We’ll arrange a feedback call to explain your results and answer any questions you may have about the assessment and its uses.

Try the Organic ScoreCard

Enjoy a demonstration and learn how this can transform your offering

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The TransMind Accreditation course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve your offering and provide a better, more empowering experience for your clients. Costing just £2500, over 5 days you’ll become part of the first cohort of UK accredited coaches.

By joining TransMind’s inaugural Accreditation programme, you will have the unparalleled opportunity to be part of a dynamic platform that is revolutionizing the way individuals unlock their full potential. As a TransMind coach, you will play a vital role in guiding and empowering your clients as they embark on their personal growth journeys. As part of the TransMind confederation, you’ll also receive opportunities to work with TransMind’s clients as we continue to grow our presence in the UK.

The Organic ScoreCard- an overview


Human beings try to construct the most appropriate way to deal with life- a collection of experiences, interpretations and images called a life strategy. The life strategy that a person uses reflects a time in their past when these strategies were useful and effective. However, these past experiences are probably no longer relevant in your present context and can potentially block meaningful behaviour and hamper optimal growth.

The Organic ScoreCard AssessmentThe Organic ScoreCard is a scientifically validated, 20-minute online assessment that provides a unique blueprint of life strategy and behaviour with astounding precision. It illustrates root cause analysis of personal characteristics that are sometimes not discernible and are often indescribable to others while at the same time providing a comprehensive map of consciousness and awareness.

The ‘scores’ are plotted on a radar diagram representing the perspectives of red ‘survival’ (brainstem orientation), blue ‘connection’ (limbic orientation) or yellow ‘trust’ (neocortex orientation). Awareness is divided into 12 windows through which the world is seen. The Organic ScoreCard reveals our brain strategy in the 12 domains. They are the windows through which we consider opportunities in the world. If we remain unaware of the windows we have opened and the ones that are closed, our behaviour will stay the same.

The Organic ScoreCard quickly gives you unprecedented insights into your client that might otherwise take weeks to acquire.

The Process

A Simple Online Assessment

Complete the assessment online in 20 minutes.

Organic ScoreCard Assessment

Detailed Insights

Acquire deep reaching insights, empowering you, your client, and their organisation.

Detailed Coaching Report

The Brain and Behaviour

Gain scientific insights into how your client really thinks and behaves.

What it does

The Organic ScoreCard provides a ‘snapshot’ of an individual’s subconscious mind. It illustrates awareness of a person’s functioning according to different environments and ecological systems; it is our context that normally determines the way we behave. It clearly explains:

  • why you do the things you do
  • your blindspots, and growth opportunities
  • and what you can to generate growth.

Understanding the various brain strategies gives insight into the origins of our behaviour. The Organic ScoreCard is an ‘X-ray’ of our personal life strategy which is often based on our ‘historical’ circumstances and our reactions to such circumstances. These ‘hard wired’ reactions may not be relevant in your current context, and the Organic ScoreCard enables you to establish what these are and whether they are still effective.


Advantages of becoming a TransMind Accredited Coach

As an accredited coach, empowered with the awareness provided by the OSC, you’ll be able to engage in deeper, more accurate, and more rewarding conversations with both individuals and teams.

The Organic ScoreCard empowers you with insights that no other psychometric or personality instrument comes close to delivering. You’ll be able to identify with your client on a level that secures their buy-in and reassures them that you have the edge.

    • The ScoreCard can be used on an individual and team level, enabling you to explore team cohesion quickly and accurately.
    • Perfect for monitoring and measuring social sustainability and governance.
    • It evaluates inner drive rather than acquired and controlled behaviour.
    • It identifies a concise, natural and effective growth trajectory.
    • Repeat assessments provide measurable outcomes using concrete data, validating your effectiveness and their improvement.

For a Demonstration

For a demonstration and take the first step to become an accredited coach, click here and use the code: COACH23 at check out for a discounted demonstration of the process. We’ll then give you a feedback session and answer any questions. Alternatively submit your details below and we’ll send you an invitation.

Try the Organic ScoreCard

Enjoy a demonstration and learn how this can transform your offering

Your Information is Safe With us!
We will send you an invitation to complete the Organic ScoreCard.
Dr. Nico SimpsonLife/Executive Coach

I know of no other tool that gives such immediate access to the inner workings of individuals and groups as the Organic ScoreCard. It saved my hours of preparation, fast forwarded my coaching processes and empowered me to develop custom focused interventions. It changes the whole way I approach individuals and groups, it truly is a cheat sheet to mindfulness.

Eve CrawfordExecutive Coach, UK

Become an accredited coach using TransMind's Organic ScoreCard. It empowers me with insights that no other tool can provide. Clients are staggered by its accuracy and depth; the Organic ScoreCard, without question, gives me the edge over competitors who may take weeks to gain the insights that I acquire in the 20 minutes it takes my client to complete the assessment.

Jack GrahamExecutive Coach, Alpha C

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! The accreditation has helped tremendously- clients have been blown away by its accuracy and the way in which it opens an honest dialogue about their circumstances and challenges. The added support and work that TransMind has supplied to add to my existing portfolio has been a bonus. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Rien WesselingExecutive Coach, Wesseling Company Strategy

As a supervisor of growth and development of individuals and organizations, I need more than the existing tools like Management Drives and Insight. These programs are also inadequate for monitoring growth and development. I am looking for deeper insight into the origins of the behavior that people and organizations show. The Organic ScoreCard gives me that in-depth insight. It exposes the source of behaviour and also helps to understand why certain imposed behaviour leads to stress and burnout. I realise that I am only using a tip of the wealth that the OSC offers. Still, that brings me a lot.

Joke LodewijkFounder, Mind-Body-Food

The OSC has brought me many insights and made me more lenient towards others where they are less efficient in a certain situation.
The unique outcomes on a personal level help me to be faster and more effective in my approach. Using the OSC, you get to the core faster and you choose more conscious interventions that match their unique circumstances and life strategy. Because body and brain are inextricably linked, I also translate the results into physical interventions. It helps me enormously to approach individuals and groups holistically and to move them towards growth / vitality.

Gielie LoubserExecutive/Life Coach,

What is more rewarding than seeing someone get a glimpse of the issues holding them back and together exploring ways of correcting their thinking? Being an Organic Scorecard coach empowers me to get ‘behind’ people’s thinking patterns and behaviours by showing them their life strategy. Having multiple lenses equips you with everything you need to journey with individuals and groups and facilitate real change.